Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Charlie Weis Representing Notre Dame With Class, Again

I know I've been a bad blogger lately. Not much going on with Irish football right now + a whole lot going on at home and work = very light blogging. But there is one Irish development worth noting: Charlie Weis recently took several days out of his busy schedule as head football coach at Notre Dame to go golfing with Ty Willinham, visit our troops overseas. He started at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois, then flew to Germany and on to several stops in Southwest Asia (including Qatar, Bahrain, a ship in the Persian Gulf, the UAE, and unnamed locations). Then he took a long flight back to Washington D.C. where he and the other coaches on the trip met with President Bush at the White House.

Sounds pretty worthwhile, if a little boring, until you read about how excited the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines were to see Coach Weis. Many of them were Notre Dame alumni, and many more were life-long Irish fans who couldn't believe they were actually getting a chance to meet Coach Weis to take a picture or get an autograph (or a free Notre Dame T-shirt). When you read about Charlie putting a smile on the faces of those men and women serving our country halfway around the world, you're proud to be a Notre Dame man, and proud to have Charlie as your head football coach.

Charlie's trip diaries, which are highly recommended reading, are at the following links:

Day One
Day Two
Days 3 and 4
Day Five

And here's the link to the official White House story on the coaches' visit with the President, including Coach Weis' remarks.

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Anonymous said...

I know that it made this ND fan proud.