Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from OC Domer!

On behalf of the entire staff here at OC Domer (that would be ME) I want to wish everyone out there cruising the internets, especially our regular readers, a very Happy Thanksgiving. If your house is like mine, you'll be blessed to sit down to a bountiful Thanksgiving meal soon, and it will be time for someone to step up to the plate (so to speak) and say grace. And if your house is like mine, there will be a dozen or more people at the table staring at YOU expecting you to be appropriately reverent, witty, and brief because you're always the one who gets stuck saying grace at Thanksgiving. Here is the OC Domer Top 10 list of things to be thankful for this year. Feel free to borrow any you like for your own prayer today.

10. The NFL, for bringing us THREE games to watch this year instead of the usual two games.

9. NBC, for bringing us every Notre Dame home game, no matter how bad the Irish are playing (or who they are playing).

8. High Definition television, because football in high definition on my 60" Sony SXRD is amazing.

7. Duke football.

6. The great schools my kids attend, and the amazing teachers they have been blessed with here in Tustin.

5. All of our family and friends.

4. Particularly my wife and kids, who are better by far than I really deserve.

3. Firefighters throughout Southern California who fought heroically to save thousands of homes threatened by the raging wildfires last month (and every year).

2. Paramedics, ambulance drivers, air-ambulance pilots, doctors and nurses who fight every day to keep heart attacks from taking away dads, husbands, and grandpas before their time.

1. The men and women of our armed forces who have taken the battle against extremism to the extremists, so that we at home in America can eat turkey and watch football and take a nap in peace and safety. Be careful over there, and I hope you're all home soon.


Jack said...

tgnjphleI've a prayer rug from Saudi Arabia w/ da Vinci's Last Supper, perhaps not the latest restoration, given to me buy a gov't civilian after his second TDY in IRAQ.

Anonymous said...
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