Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eric Holder stonewalls Congress on terror lawyers | Washington Examiner

At least nine attorneys working at the U.S. Department of Justice worked as defense attorneys for terrorsit detainees before joining Team Obama/Holder, and an undisclosed number of those attorneys are now helping to set U.S. policy with respect to terrorist detainees. But the Obama administration has so far refused to disclose to Congress (1) who these attorneys are? (2) what the nature of their representation of detained, suspected terrorists was? and (3) what their current duties are at the Deaprtment of Justice? Fox, meet henhouse.

Key paragraph:

Private lawyers can choose to take or not take cases. Sometimes they make
their decisions based on money, sometimes on principle, sometimes because they
are sympathetic to the accused. The lawyers who worked with the terrorist
detainees chose to represent people who are making war on the United States.
That's certainly their right, but it's entirely reasonable to ask whether they
should now be working on detainee issues at the Justice Department.

Eric Holder stonewalls Congress on terror lawyers Washington Examiner

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