Monday, December 7, 2009

Golden Tate #2 on my Heisman Ballot

I received an e-mail from Shotgun Spratling at inviting me to cast my ballot for this year's Sports Blog Heisman Trophy. Voters are not limited to just the five players invited to New York for the presentation of that other Heisman trophy. Here is the full text of my e-mailed "ballot" as submitted:

Dear Shotgun,

Here is the OC Domer Heisman Ballot.

1. Toby Gerhart. He is most dominant player at his position, and his dominance doesn't depend on anyone else to make him look good. One-on-one, mano-a-mano he beats you down at the point of attack. Puts his team on his back and carries them to victory.

2. Golden Tate. You can't keep him from getting the ball, you can't tackle him, and you can't catch him. Once Michael Floyd broke his collar bone, everyone in the stadium knew Notre Dame and Jimmy Clausen were going to get the ball to Tate, and still nobody could stop him. Despite being double or triple covered every play, Golden still came up with huge plays time and again. Golden kept the Irish in games single-handedly for seven weeks. Without Golden Tate to throw to, Jimmy Clausen would not be in a position to make big money as a top draft choice in April.

3. Colt McCoy. My choice at the beginning of the season, he played his way down to third place during the season and especially against Nebraska.

Honorable Mention: Jimmy Clausen. He has become one heck of a quarterback. Will make Charlie Weis look like a really good coach once he starts playing and winning on Sundays.

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I'm in the Far West.

Look forward to seeing your results!

OC Domer

What would your ballot look like?


Anonymous said...

Good thing they didn't give you an actual Heisman ballot. Yours is a joke.

OC Domer said...

My dear friend anonymous is back. With insults, but no original thought of his own. Notice he declines to share what his ballot would look like so we can judge him as well.

Thanks for stopping by and "contributing" to the blog Anonymous.

Titus said...

Gerhart and Golden are great picks, although I have to kick McCoy to the curb and throw Mark Ingram in there. I'm not really sure about final ordering. Ingram is a machine though and, frankly, McCoy played like he belongs in the MAC against Nebraska. His "I knew there was time left on the clock" routine in the post-game was a complete lie: he was a split second, some luck, and a replay away from being college football's Fred Merkle.

Greg said...

Honestly, I would vote for Suh. As EDSBS said, he is better at his position than any other player in the country.

anthony said...

1. Suh
2. Tate
3. Gerhart
4. Ingram

Anonymous said...

pretty good list. Mon Anon is a tool. don't judge us all based on that guy!

Anonymous said...

Gerhart is a product of his offensive line.

1. Suh
2. Tate
3. Ingram

Craig said...

And Ingram isn't a product of his OL?

McCoy did very little this season to put himself on this list, aside from beating up on the little sisters of the poor. There are at least two QBs (Clausen and Kellen Moore) who should be ahead of him in the voting, and I'd bet there are several others who are better choices as well.

anthony said...

the only player on anyone's list that ISN'T a product of their offensive line is SUH!

perhaps, you could say, he is the product of a staggeringly inept B12 North and being showcased by one of the worst O-Lines UT has had in the last decade on natl TV... but that still doesn't change the fact that during this football season O-Lines across the board were handled easily by a man named Suh.

And one I forgot that somehow escaped me was Spiller. Talk about not getting much help. Good thing I am not a real ballot holder and can revise mine and add a fictitious tie for 2nd place...

1 - Suh
2 - Tate & Spiller
4 - Gerhart