Monday, December 7, 2009

Every Breath You Take

If you ever had any doubt that the Democrat party wants to control absolutely EVERY aspect of your life, a determination today by President Obama's Environmental Protection Agency should make things crystal clear for you. According to your Federal government, carbon dioxide is now considered a "danger to public health." And this danger must be regulated in the ongoing war against (imaginary) global warming.

Which means that every time you exhale, you are polluting the environment and endangering mankind. As are your children, your pets, and your livestock. The grass clippings you left in the yard to decompose (and fertilize)? Polluting. Your compost pile? Polluting. That can of Diet Pepsi you just opened? Polluting.

Oh sure, the government assures us that they are only going to regulate the biggest producers of CO2. For now. But if this baloney is allowed to stand it won't be long until the government starts pushing "one child" population control policies in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Before that the government will start urging us all to "eat green" and go vegetarian so that livestock populations can be drastically reduced. And you can bet the do-gooders will be after all of us to get the fizzy CO2 out of our beverages.

Is there any aspect of our lives the Democrats don't want total control over? They want to control where you live, what you drive, how you operate your business, what you eat, how you get health care, what your children are taught in school, when, where, and how you are allowed to pray, and what you say or write.

Land of the free? Really?


Anonymous said...

and yet still better than George Bush and it's not even close.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,

You sound just like my Mother. Mom, is that you?

Jack said...

Barack Obama only 1 % better than Sarah Palin according to the L A Times.

Anonymous said...

So, if I'm reading this right you're in favor of waste, and continuing to pollute the air with Co2? You feel that it's in "our" best interest to NOT develope legislation that will limit the amount of waste we make?

I don't understand how someone could be against trying to cut back how much we waste or pollute our home.

But, it was a great article, if I was interested in reading thoughtless junk.