Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bob Stoops Rumors: We've Seen Them Before

The "hot" name right now to replace Coach Charlie Weis right now is Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops. But I don't buy the rumors, and I actually suspect that Stoops himself is using the Notre Dame rumors as leverage to get a better contract out of Oklahoma University or other potential employers. We've seen this act before.

Back in December of 2004 the University of Florida had a head coaching vacancy after Ron Zook's demise, and Bob Stoops openly flirted with the Gators but stayed at OU after they ponied up a big fat raise for him.

I am also very skeptical that the University of Notre Dame would consider Coach Stoops to be a good fit at ND, given the record of NCAA violations at Oklahoma during Stoops' tenure or his track record of recruiting players of questionable character and judgment.

Call me crazy, but I'll pass on the opportunity for NCAA probation and the chance to bring violent, gun-toting criminals to Notre Dame.


Brett2233 said...

Yes.....because Notre Dame is ALWAYS clean as a whistle! At least when someone in Stoops's programs messes up....he takes care of it. No matter who they are (I.e. Rhett Bomar, top QB recruit). You can wave your nose in the air like an arrogant prick, but you would take Stoops in a heartbeat, but you wont get him, and most likely nobody of that caliber. As it is, your time has passed, you are no longer an elite program and most likely won't be one in the near future. But yes, keep telling yourself you don't want good coaches, maybe that'll soften the blow when they turn you down.

Anonymous said...

OC Domer, I totally agree with you!

As for Brett, you need to stick your head in a stool and there are many ND supporters who would gladly flush the stool.

While there are some Notre Dame supporters who would lower the standards of our university to take Stoops, the vast majority don't want a coach who recruits the quality of many of the OU players. Among football players at OU, academics count for nothing.

They rank last among all of the BCS Division 1 institutions in academic achievement. Notre Dame is #1. Read it again Brett...if you are capable.

Anonymous said...

Im a huge Notre Dame fan. My brother was a senior during Weis' first year. I want Bob Stoops. I think hes a terrific coach and has proven himself. hes lost some of his luster though. 5 BCS losses isnt too appealing but I think he could turn the ship around. I believe ND will come back to prominance but that will only happen when they lower the academic requirements. God knows when that will be. No pun intended. Oh, and it will be a tough year for WHOEVER coaches because Clausen and Tate will declair for the NFL Draft. its as good a year as any becaquse of the cap coming up in the 2011 Draft. Peace out