Thursday, September 10, 2009

Notre Dame Opponent Poll after Week 1

Frank V. over at is going to be publishing a weekly poll this season ranking from 1 through 12 Notre Dame's 2009 football opponents, and he has honored me by asking me to participate as one of the voters in the poll. The results of the poll after week 1 can be found at this link. In the name of transparency, my ballot for this week's poll appears below, with limited comments.

  1. USC. (Any questions?)
  2. Navy. Threatening to push Ohio State into overtime at the 'shoe was by far the most impressive performance by any Irish opponent this week. Navy may move down my list next week, but this week they get some respect at OC Domer.
  3. Pittsburgh. Tough call, but beating Youngstown State 38-3 is slightly more impressive than beating Montana State 44-3. I think. So Pitt slides past Michigan State this week.
  4. Michigan State. I hope nobody pulled a hammy versus Montana State. Sheesh.
  5. Stanford. Put a whooping on a Pac-10 team, even if it was Washington State.
  6. Michigan. Nice win over Western Michigan, I guess. Certainly the Wolverines looked a lot better than I expected.
  7. Boston College. Who knew Northeastern has a football team?
  8. Washington. Very nice game against the visiting LSU Tigers. They could be rated higher, but they still have to prove that last season is behind them, and SEC teams often look like crap when they leave the friendly confines of the Confederacy.
  9. Purdue. I have to put them somewhere.
  10. Connecticut. It may have been Ohio U., but they won. Former Irish QB Zach Frazer threw 3 INTs.
  11. Nevada. They may be a better team than they showed Saturday. But based on Saturday they have to go here.
  12. Washington State. Manhandled by Stanford. Not an awful game, but I can't justify putting them ahead of anyone.
After week 1, the Irish schedule doesn't look so weak anymore. Navy looks tough, Washington appears to be hugely improved. Not counting Notre Dame's victory over Nevada, the remaining eleven Irish opponents were 8-3 on the weekend, with one W and one L coming from Washington State and Stanford playing each other. Throw that game out and the remaining opponents were 7-2, albeit against suspect competition. I'll post my ballot in the opponent poll each week, if I get around to it.


Craig said...

Re #7... NU plays in the FCS. We actually beat Ohio U a few years back, during the brief interlude where we had a pretty good coach. I think we've given BC a game in the past, as well, but my memory may fail me on that point.

(NU undergrad, currently doing grad work at ND.)

Patrick said...

I'm still hurting from the round to it (to wit TUIT). That was a nice visual pun. Thanks OC Domer for showing me that I am not the only ND alum with a sick sense of humor.