Thursday, April 16, 2009

Michigan Fans: Go ahead and hit that panic button

I'm trying to be objective about it, trying to put myself in Wolverine fan's position. How would I react if, say, in the spring of 2007 (after the graduation of Brady Quinn), after spring football practice has wrapped up, Coach Weis started making scholarship offers to Duke basketball players and promising them the opportunity to come in and compete for the starting quarterback job, even though (1) they only have one year of NCAA eligibility remaining, and (2) they haven't even touched a football since high school, four years ago?

I think I would probably panic. WTF!???!! We don't have anyone in the program, nor were we able to sign any recruits from anywhere in the nation, who we trust to play QB more than we do a Duke point guard? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??!!

So I'm guessing that's how Michigan fans are feeling today on the news that Coach Dick Rod has offered a football scholarship to Duke basketball player Greg Paulus and promised him a chance to compete for the starting quarterback job at Big Blue in the fall. These spread offenses that are in vogue today and preferred by Dick Rod have been described by some as "basketball on grass." In that light, recruiting a point guard to run your offense makes some sense. If you've been smoking grass.

By my calculations, Coach Weis and the Irish owe the Wolverines a couple more serious beat-downs before we can call the recent history between the two teams "even."

Now where the heck is that button?


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that we recruited Paulus as well, although I don't recall how hard (And that was four years ago)...but he was pretty badass in high school. I still find it hilarious considering the time frame but just something to check up on.


OC Domer said...

He was supposedly one heckuva player coming out of high school. But he hasn't played football in how long? He knows nothing about UM's system. He didn't practice with the team in the Spring. And he'll have a chance to be the STARTER!

Certainly that wasn't "Plan A" for Dick Rod. Was it maybe "Plan K"? And if the kid decides not to come to UM, what the heck is "Plan L"?

No matter how you look at it, the Wolverines are in a bad way at QB.

Anonymous said...

Sporting News reported that "Little Tate" scored 4 TD's passing and 1 from the ground. Of course the writer did mention that the little fellow scored against the 2nd and 3rd team D which he stated would have a difficult time making the high school team across town!
(Just love it)

Jim said...

The Duke head football coach told him that he was not qualified to play for them. What does that say.

A little food for thought: If Wies had done this after 1997 comming off 3-9, the outcry for his head would have been heard on Saturn. Not sure waht that says about UM fans or ours.