Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Brandon Walker is a Stud

My belly still aches from Saturday's putrid performance against the Pitt Panthers, so I'm having a hard time digesting exactly what the Hell happened. Hopefully I'll have something insightful to write tomorrow about Notre Dame's failure to show up in the third quarter and their hapless inability to score a single touchdown in four overtime periods. Right now my angst seems to be focused on offensive play-calling and on the linebackers. Why is it that our safeties, Bruton and McCarthy, have to make so many tackles? On running plays?

But I did want to shout out to Brandon Walker, who played the game of his life and who deserves to be recognized for single-handedly keeping the Irish in a game through three overtime periods when the offense was completely inept. After struggling mightily at the beginning of the year and being on the verge of losing his job to a walk-on player straight off the interhall football fields, Brandon was 3 of 3 in PATs and hit his first 4 field goal attempts on the day, including one in each of the first three overtime periods to extend the game three times. On the day Walker hit 7 of 8 tries on PATs and FGs and I sure hope that NOBODY is giving him grief for the one he missed. The last person who needs to blame himself for Saturday's result is BW. Quarterbacks missed open receivers, defenders missed tackles, linemen missed blocks. They all need to share the blame. But BW should be singled out for praise.

He gets my game ball.

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Anonymous said...

He can have my game ball too!

Now he's got two balls!

Go Irish!

Beat BC!