Saturday, September 13, 2008

Irish Whip Wolverines, 35-17!

I'm out of town and don't have a lot of time to blog tonight, but I did just want to stop in and share my euphoria over today's total domination of the Michigan Wolverines.


I'm pretty pumped that my pre-game thoughts on the critical importance of field position and turnovers was right on the money, although I didn't expect as much scoring and I REALLY DIDN'T EXPECT the Irish offensive line to hold Michigan sackless and establish such credibility in the running game against the UM front seven. Great job by everyone - offensive line, defense, Jimmy Clausen, running backs and receivers. Golden Tate is a star, and Duval Kamara really bounced back today. Congratulations to the whole team!

Of course, the win is great for Coach Weis and the credibility of his program; and it's great for the players and their confidence as they move through the rest of this season. Nothing like a win over Michigan to establish a little momentum.

Ironic as heck that Coach Weis blew his knee out with the same injury as Tom Brady. He was clearly in pain as he stood on the sideline soaking wet gutting it out with his team. Get well soon Coach!

I'll have more thoughtful stuff later in the week after I get home, but I just wanted to share the joy with the Notre Dame faithful tonight.


tednict said...

As my wife and I watched the game, I thought about your pre-game analysis. Yes, you were on target. It was a great win for our Irish.

Goberry said...

How Domers can be happy with that game, albeit a win, is beyond me. Have you lost THAT much respect for your program that you're celebrating a win against a sub-mediocre team in the middle of a coaching transition?

drizzi said...

Go berry ... put the drugs away!

Anonymous said...

Hey Goberry,

Rockberry called. He wants his name back.


I get tired of naysayers remarks of no quality wins. Hey Go...
No really Go.... said...

Great win, but now it's Monday and I realize the Irish need to keep moving forward if they're going to take on State. Can they use the momentum from this win and combine it with more consistent play? We're getting there, but we're not their yet.

By the way, the mighty Michigan Skunkbears lost this weekend. OK, I'll give myself a couple more days of celebration.

OC Domer said...

Goberry -

You're right of course. How dare the Irish celebrate a win against the winningest porgram in history and our traidtion regional rival that beat us 38-0 last year. How juvenile of us!

But I'm sure UM didn't celebrate their win over ND last season, since we were in such a down year. And I'm sure all those teams out there who actually schedule Div. I-AA opponents don't even count those wins in their final record for the season, right?

Yes, the Irish are trying to rebound from a very tough 2007, and UM is having their own 2007 in 2008. Neither program is in top form right now. But do you really mean to suggest that those young men who have been working their asses off to make themselves better shouldn't celebrate this victory? Get real.

Goberry said...


(I'd never castigate a player for celebrating ANY win over anybody.) My comments were for those fans and commentators claiming that Weis finally has his signature victory.

Jim said...

Field position was in the plus AGAIN!!! Your article on that was steller. Thanks.

OC Domer said...

Thanks Jim! I don't get accused of being stellar every day.