Saturday, November 24, 2007

God Awful Game (Irish Beat Stanford 21-14)

We win. Yippee. Was that just about the ugliest football game ever played? Here's the list of people who had good games today:

1. Robert Hughes.

Here's the list of people who had awful games:

1. Notre Dame
2. Stanford
3. The game officials (Don't get me started!)
4. The ESPN game announcers (Where did they find those stiffs?)
5. The Stanford grounds-keeping crew. (Worst field conditions ever)
6. The Stanford fans (Where the heck were they?)

I feel like I need to take a shower. It can't be healthy to be exposed to something that awful for four hours. I'll have more later tonight or tomorrow.


sir john said...

cool. We won tho. Just remember that sod at Stanford was put in 9 months ago. We tore out ours and are re sodding as well. Let's hope ND doesn't have these issues, I saw to much slipping on cuts and skating more or less in sunny California.

Jared said...

I think the order should be:

1. Officiating crew - AWFUL
2. Grounds crew - watering that morning? idiotic
3. Stanford fans - way to not show up for a game you have a shot to win
4. Stanford - Harbaugh doesn't look good
5. ND - Turnover ratio, but as usual played well inconsistently

CredoDomer said...

I enjoyed the game! Notre Dame actually showed some life. Hughes had a great game, and I really like the way Armando Allen runs the ball.

As far as I'm concerned, Notre Dame won the game by a score of 35-14.
The PF call on Laws during the Cal-like runback was bogus! He was getting blocked, he pushed back and the Stanford guy trips back over his own teammate! 7 points!

The catch by David Grimes was the epitamy (sp?) of a perfect layout CATCH!... and I'm sorry, I WILL remember it ALWAYS as a CATCH, regardless of how those idiotic refs called it. 7 points.


Face Mask said...

I think we should call him "Cannon Ball Hughes.