Friday, July 24, 2009

Nate Montana Transferring to ... Pasadena City College?!

Hot off the presses, the South Bend Tribune is reporting that Nate Montana, son of former Irish great Joe Montana, is leaving the University to play football at Pasadena City College, with the intent of possibly re-enrolling at Notre Dame in the Spring to compete for the starting Notre Dame job.

Two thoughts:

1. Wow.
2. Do NCAA rules even allow that?


Gameday Housing said...


I'm not sure that they disallow this but have there been any other news out your way about maybe Nate wanting to be closer to home? The whole "may come back in the spring to compete" thing just sounds bizarre. Does he think with PT he'll pull a varsity blues and show that he's better than Clausen / Crist?

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Whiskey said...

OC I looked up the transfer rules and as far as I can tell it is legal per the NCAA 4-2-4. I would have to think for him to make a comment about returning that ND is totally in the loop on this. I'm mostly surprised the university agreed to it. Aside from that I think it kind of makes sense for Nate in this specific case due to Sharpley coming back and his lack of experience in high school etc. It will get him a season of live reps. Still highly unusual to say the least.

OC Domer said...

I have to applaud Nate's desire to get on the field and compete. He didn't play a lot of football in high school, so he may just now be realizing that he really loves the game. My concern about this novel move is that if he plays well at PCC he might get recruited by numerous other schools that could offer him a much better chance to play D-I football. I'm worried that he might not really come back.

A second, and lesser, concern is that this feels like a bit of a loosening of Notre Dame's traditional stance on junior college players. To be sure, Nate's situation would be unusual, but on some level he wold return to ND as a junior college transfer.

I'm going to have to look up PCC's schedule and see if I can make it to any games this season. We only saw a little of Nate in the Spring game, but I thought he looked good. He was 2 for 2 and seems to throw a very accurate and catchable ball.

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