Monday, April 13, 2009

Irish Lacrosse Making Some Noise

While the Notre Dame football team is almost ready to wrap up spring workouts, the Notre Dame mens lacrosse team is in the middle of its regular season and is making some noise nationally. Ranked at #4 in the nation heading into the weekend, the team went to Denver on Saturday and pushed their overall record to 10-0 on the year. That win over DU, coupled with a Virginia loss to Duke (10-15) left Notre Dame as the only undefeated team in Division I lacrosse and pushed them up to #3 in the polls.

LAX Fever. Catch it!

(Note: Reference to UD corrected to DU on 4/14/2009. Thanks Hank.)


tednict said...

Thanks OC for reminding us there is more to ND than just football.

In all sports...GO IRISH!

Anonymous said...

I "played" on the Lacrosse Club in the early 70s. {Not very well}
Its hard to believe that locker space was basically a utility room at the then ACC.
I actually met my wife as a result of my lacrosse days. After a trip to the Univ. of Illinois I subsequently applied and went to Grad school there.
Prior to our game there, U of I had not been on my radar. Still married to her.
Kudos to Rich O'Leary, really the first full time coach for the team...who paved the way for the success ND has today

Anonymous said...

Actually Denver University is known around here as DU. The game was in Denver at Invesco Field where the Broncos play. Pretty exciting from what I heard though I was not able to attend the game.
Hank Gilday

OC Domer said...

Thanks Hank. Corrected now.