Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Frank Verducci is New Irish Offensive Line Coach; John Latina to Pursue Other Opportunities

We're really making things happen here at OC Domer! Yesterday I put John Latina on the clock, demanding that he be replaced as Notre Dame's offensive line coach. Today, it happened. John Latina has resigned to pursue other opportunities, and has been replaced on the Notre Dame staff by Frank Verducci, who was most recently O-line coach with the Cleveland Browns. No doubt he came highly recommended by Coach Weis' former colleague, Romeo Crennel.

The story is being reported here, and here, but the link to the official University announcement is here.

I am VERY EXCITED about this hire! Verducci has a terrific mix of experience and success on both the college and professional levels. His wife is a SMC Chick, and then there's this little nugget buried in the University announcement:

Verducci was ranked one of the top 10 recruiters in the country by Tom Lemming in 1990 and by Allen Wallace at SuperPrep from 1990-92 and in 1995.
Folks are always worried that a staff change at this time of year might impact recruiting, but I think this hire can only strengthen the incoming class. What O-lineman is going to de-commit because he just got a new O-line coach from the NFL who has spent much of his career coaching up Hall of Fame linemen for the Dallas Cowboys? Any O-line recruits sitting on the fence will have to take notice of this.



Anonymous said...

Behind every successful man is a SMC "Chick"

Dekom said...

Complete the puzzle and HIRE JAGS!!

OC Domer said...

Anonymous - I couldn't agree more!

Joey said...

This is a great addition. I like the Cowboy experience where the zone blocking did not work so they went man. Shows flexibility. And Iowa for 10 years. He will be able to get this line to perform.
Jags is not comming.

Jack said...

John Gruden is available (BUCS Friday axed Gruden) One of the 2 rumors in the Colliseum men's rest room at ½-time was John Gruden to ND... ("IS IT OVER YET" posted by OC DOMER 29NOV ) ¿ Maybe this rumor might come true ?

4horsemen said...

Yeah Gruden will come as a assistant coach..yeah right. Why would he do that?