Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Blog-cleaning

For some strange reason, I actually had a few minutes available this morning to spend on the blog - so I thought I'd do a little Spring cleaning. Specifically, I like to check on the sites listed on my blog rolls to make sure that they are current (i.e., worth keeping on my personal list of best Irish blogs and worthy of promoting to my tens of readers).

The first change I had to make was to put The Irish Roundup on probation. For all I know, the proprietor(s) there could be dead, or maybe just kidnapped, or maybe just ran off with a Purdue cheerleader. In any case, the last post over there was on February 6th (signing day). That's well over two months of NOTHING. But Irish Roundup has been good to the OC Domer (i.e., they once sent us a nice e-mail and they include us on their blog roll), so instead of unceremoniously dropping them altogether, I have made them the first member of the new blog probation list. Hopefully Irish Roundup will get back from his bender in Vegas soon and we can take him off probation.

The other changes right now are the addition of two excellent blogs to our rolls. Section 29, Row 48, Seat 10 is a group blog with nine contributors. Despite a strong whiff of Dillon Hall in the air when I visit their blog, I'm adding them to our roll because they consistently produce very thorough and thoughtful posts, and cover several Irish sports besides football. I first became aware of them about halfway through last football season, but their archive shows that S29, R48, S10 has been up and running since 2005, which makes them a sort of blog Grandpa. Check 'em out.

Finally, OC Domer is pleased to welcome Irish Band of Brothers. IBB is a new blog (even younger than OC Domer!), but they've been pumping out a very nice mix of Irish news, analysis, opinion and humor since their inception in October 2007. The WeisGipper who runs the site doesn't provide much personal information about himself, but IBB does link to both the official and the unofficial websites for Carrol Hall. Being a Vermin myself, I would probably link to IBB for that reason alone - but the quality content is a nice added feature.

I hope you'll visit the blogs on my rolls. They really do represent the best, most consistent, non-commercial content available and are worthy of your time and support.

I'll have some more thoughts on Spring football later in the weekend (I hope!).


SubwayDomer26 said...

I swear OC, I read the title of this post on NDLNA and thought..."OC is flipping banning my a$$ for sure. But, then I figured you needed a blog on the rolls that was consisten with the 'Tenuta Language'. And then you had nothing to say about it at all. Man I'm a reactionary."
Great additions as well! I love our Irish blogging community... THE BEST ON THE NET MUTHA- Watch yo mouth.

BTW- Are you making it for the BG Game again this year?

OC Domer said...

Subway - I think you're grandfathered in, maybe as the class clown? Honestly, the language is a little rich at Subway Domer, but the passion and overall attitude are well worth the bandwidth. Keep up the great work.

By the way, I don't really have any "rankings" on my blog roll, but I do tend to keep the lists in general order of those I personally find most useful (or which are at least in the best standing at OC Domer, based on various factors).

OC Domer said...

Subway - p.s. I won't be at Blue Gold - but I'll still blog about it!

Sir John from DD said...

I try to chec my list of blogs several times a day. I too have noticed some not current. I am sad to say one newcomer blog (Notre Dame) shut down. It was small but i felt very good and i recomended them at DomerDomain. We are all less when sites shut down or not kept current. One pair of eyes (Blogs) cannot always catch tidbits of Notre dame.

WeisGipper said...

As a fellow Vermin ('97), I want to say thank you for mentioning my little blog! It has definitely been a blast these past few months, and will hopeful add a few more features to the blog as the season draws near.

I do also have a few Vermin add their .02 to the blog as well, so feel free to add any insight or comments on the shoutbox or articles.

Sir john from DD said...

Weisgipper I read all the Blogs yours as well, OC and I differ on politics ahahah, but other wise we are ND guys. I am only senior mod at DomerDomain we are slowly running a new front under DonJuan Ed in Cief of that area. I will see that both sites are recommended but as well prime the pump when you guys come out with something to send more readers to you. We lost a couple of ND Blogs. That's a reversal I refuse to adhere to.

Sir John from DD

Section29 said...


Thanks for adding us to your blogroll. Like the boys at PTI, every one of our posts ends with us trying to do better the next time, but glad to hear you appreciate us. Your site is on our blogroll now - go Irish!

OC Domer said...

Section 29 - You guys do a great job! And thanks for adding me to your roll as well - I'm honored!