Friday, March 21, 2008

The Worldwide Leader Needs More Bandwidth

I'm doing pretty well so far in the tourney. Through 20 games I'm 18-2 (Drake lost in OT, BYU fell to Texas A&M). No serious damage to my brackets yet.

I only entered one on-line bracket challenge this year, at I enjoy listening to Colin Cowherd in the mornings on ESPN radio, and he started up a group for himself, some of his ESPN buddies, and his listeners, so I joined the group and am doing pretty well so far (I don't expect it to last).

The interesting thing is that ESPN's web servers are really struggling to keep up with service demand. When asking for my real-time brackets to display, pages are loading slowly, if at all. Frequently you get a "page unavailable, check back later" message." Most recently, I'm getting error messages saying that the pages can't be found at all. So, if you are in the Bristol, Connecticut area and see a column of smoke rising from the ESPN campus, it's probably because their web servers are melting down. The problem was very noticeable yesterday as well, and I'm surprised that a company with the resources of Disney, Inc. couldn't find a way over the course of 24 hours to add more bandwidth.

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