Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vote for Purdue Pete!

EA Sports is holding an on-line vote to decide which college mascot will grace the cover of EA Sports' NCAA Football 2009, which will be available for the Wii gaming console for the first time this year. I am urging everyone to go to the site and cast a vote for Purdue Pete! Several reasons:

  1. Irony. Nothing says "college football" quite like the Purdue Boilermakers.
  2. Pete is the scariest, freakiest "mascot" in college football. Those eyes!
  3. Pete is not the actual mascot for the Boilermakers. The official mascot is the Boilermaker Special.
  4. If there is anything like a "Madden Curse" associated with NCAA 2009, I sure don't want to bring any voodoo down on the Irish - but wouldn't mind bringing some down on Purdue.
  5. Think how hacked off Michigan, Ohio State, USC, and the entire SEC would be if Purdue Pete got the cover! The outrage would be totally entertaining.
  6. If Pete wins, there is no way EA Sports has the guts to actually put him on the cover.


WeisGipper said...

Purdue Pete is the offical drag queen of College Football! Nice lipstick, nancyboy.

SubwayDomer26 said...

Fantastic! If you just can't vote for Pete, push for Colonel Reb. Why? Because nothing says "College Football" better than an old confederate soldier in the deep south.

Sir John said...

I thought the athletic Dept of Ole Miss banned Cpl Reb, 2002 or 03?. Personally, Subway I have made it a point never to watch an SEC game, this goes back years when ND would be on CBS etc. Local Louisville TV stations are obligated to Pre rmy ND and show some meaningless game from the South that I had no interest in.