Thursday, February 14, 2008

Notre Dame Blogger Kicked Off American Idol

Okay, I admit it. I have been known, on rare occasion, to watch American Idol. Last night (and the night before, and a couple of times last week) was one such instance. The American Idol contestants were in "Hollywood" (actually Pasadena) vying for the chance to be one of the Top 24 performers who would get a chance to compete for viewers' votes in the coming weeks.

And there he was!

Serious (i.e., obsessed and disturbed) Notre Dame football fans are familiar with the work of Michael Rothstein, erstwhile blogger with the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette who brings us his "Irish Insights" on a regular basis. Now, I've been critical of some of Mike's work, and he posts very little that is new or original, but he does serve a useful purpose as the eyes and ears for those of us who don't have a press pass and can't make it to practices or press conferences ourselves. But I had no idea Mike could sing! Here's a shot of Mike's last performance for the American Idol judges just before he was one of the last hopefuls eliminated from the show:

So it's back to Fort Wayne for Mike. Tough break.

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Jack said...

I enjoyed the YouTube of the Notre Dame Victory March that Michael found on the internet. Thanks, Jack.