Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lacrosse Season Preview

"Inside Lacrosse" has posted a great season preview of the Notre Dame lacrosse team. Included is this excerpt on Will Yeatman and the high expectations for this season:

1. Will Yeatman is back for more.

The sophomore attackman became a sensation in his freshman season - as much for his dual-sport status as a tight end with the football squad as his play on the lacrosse field. With the Irish having a subpar football season (3-9 with no bowl berth), Yeatman picked up his stick sooner than usual and had a chance to rest his body. That, plus having a year of familiarity with Division I lacrosse could mean an improvement on his 21-goal, 25-assist rookie year.

"My comfort level will carry into this season," Yeatman says. "That will certainly help me out."

2. Great Expectations.

Notre Dame had a shot to top eventual national champion Johns Hopkins in the opening round of the 2007 NCAA Tournament, but a goal by the Blue Jays' Michael Kimmel a minute into overtime kept the upstart Irish from a stunning upset. This year, with much of their team returning, the Irish have more ambitious goals. Like a trip to Boston for Memorial Day.

"I really expect that we're going to win the league again and to be honest, I expect to be playing for the national championship," Yeatman says. "Anything outside of that, I wouldn't be too happy with."

Go Irish!

[ADDED 2/5/2008: Holy Cow! Will Yeatman has apparently been indefinitely suspended from both football AND lacrosse for ... well ... an indefinite ... period. Unspecified violation of team rules. I hope it's something along the lines of a non-aggravated alcohol or parietals-related violation, and nothing more serious. Dang it!]


Sir John said...

Wow OC. Yeatman got suspeded Indefinetly for a violation of team rules. No one knows as of yet what the violation was or even how long

OC Domer said...

John - Suspended from the lacrosse team?

Sir John said...

Yes in so far as I know it affects just Lacrosse till football season* get's going in about 30 40 days. *Meetings strenth and conditiong and what have you. I'm checking but we ave only one TE Ragone viable. And you know how Weis love to throw to TE's. Two more Freshmen TE's come in July. I can't see why they do this JC got suspended last year if you remember? Being Minor in that truck where adults brought the beer.

Irish_Wertzy said...

Arrested for DUI.

Sir John said...

It was DUI and Criminal recklessness. Driving on a sidewalk with his light out. Wow!

It is said he was dropping off a girl at Holy Cross across the street. All are misdemeanors if he has no other "criminal" past. I'd think he is OK that way as, otherwise ND would not have accepted him.

jack said...

Yes, there are infractions at ND, & the most important thing, DON'T do it again! So, actually, will power is not enough..prayer, & give up something for lent... ND forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jack said...

Will power is not enough, because
only by loving God above ourselves
can we do anything right!!!!!!!!!!!