Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fire up the DVR

Well, sometimes it's unavoidable. Somebody plans a family event on a football Saturday.

Shocking, I know.

Today is one of those days in the OC Domer family, so I'm not going to be able to watch the game live. Instead I'll be in the car all afternoon listening to what I assume will be the Michigan State radio broadcast on XM Radio channel 198. XM has the satellite radio rights to most of the major college football conferences (such as the Big Televen), while Notre Dame is on Sirius satellite radio (The Catholic Channel, Sirius 159). So I guess I'm lucky that the Irish play a Big Televen opponent today.

Before we hit the road, I'll program the DVR to record the game so that I can watch it when I get back home tomorrow afternoon. Why do you care? I doubt that you REALLY care, but the point is that I won't be able to post my usual, immediate post-game reactions tonight after the game. Rather, my post-game post will have to wait until Sunday afternoon at the earliest. I have activated the e-mail post feature of OC Domer though, so I will be able to file some shorter posts from the road via my cell phone as the mood strikes me. I may have to rely on the OC Son to type them for me.

Recording a game for watching later is always interesting. Of course, you can watch it much faster by speeding through commercials, etc... But it's a strange feeling to watch a game when you already know how it ends. Watching a game when you know you've won is good, since you can really savor every moment, confident of victory no matter the adversity. But watching when you know you've lost is hard. Usually I can't do it. But I'll watch it either way tomorrow just so that I can monitor the team's progress, and so that I can record my thoughts here.

As we pack the car to hit the road, I leave you with these thoughts:

1. Go Irish! Beat Sparty!

2. "What tho' the odds be great or small, Old Notre Dame will win over all!"

3. "And our hearts forever, love thee, Notre Dame!"

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