Monday, August 6, 2007


Wow, it's been a really fast week. Since leaving California last Monday, we've landed in New York, seen a Broadway show, Central Park, Times Square, a Yankees game, and the Statue of Liberty. We've taken a train to New Jersey to see Princeton, continued to Pennsylvania to see Lehigh and Bucknell, and went all the way to Ithaca (where we were caught in a thunderstorm) to visit Cornell. Drove back to Jersey and hopped a train through NYC, Connecticut, and Rhode Island before stopping in Boston. In Beantown we walked the Freedom Trail, shopped and ate at Faneuil Hall, drove down to Plymouth to see "The Rock" and the Mayflower II, and took the ferry to Martha's Vineyard (where we got caught in a thunderstorm). Tomorrow we visit Boston College before flying back home. Whew!

Needless to say, I've been too busy to blog the trip, although I'll probably share some thoughts on our travels once I get home.

Surprisingly, only two stories of significance related to Notre Dame football broke while I have been on the road. First, a defensive lineman got caught asking an undercover cop if he could have a little sugar. If he had asked to borrow the sugar rather than lease it he could have avoided the whole mess. Embarrassing for the player and the program, but not a serious offense. Our depth (can you really call it "depth"?) at D-line suffers another blow.

The other story was Coach Weis' first press conference of the season. He was apparently his usual entertaining self, offering lots of insight into how he approaches his job, but almost nothing of substance regarding the team he will put on the field four Saturdays from now. More than anything, the presser merely offered some concrete evidence that football season really is coming soon. Yippee!


Sir john said...

Welcome back OC. I hope you found a college? And thanks again for the DD heads up.

John said...

I hope you enjoyed the East Coast. You were in my neck of the woods when you visited Lehigh and Bucknell. Lewisburg is a very nice town, and the education is top notch. If you ever have a chance, you need to check out Bucknell's men's basketball team. Patriot b-ball at its finest! I have been to Lehigh several times to watch men's basketball also. It seems as though the Irish always play Lehigh in South Bend though. Very disappointing. I was wondering if you had a chance to check out the Eagles practicing on the Lehigh campus? Lehigh has always seemed to have a really nice set-up for fans to view the team.

OC Domer said...


The Eagles were on campus while we were there. We did not see them (our time was limited), but they managed to annoy us nonetheless. The Eagles take over many of the key buildings on campus, which made those buildings off-limits to us even though we traveled over 2,000 miles to take the tour and see those facilities. But we don't hold it against Lehigh. Lehigh and Bucknell were both impressive, each with their own strengths. Beautiful country.