Saturday, August 11, 2007

Brady Quinn Chasing Nobody

According to recent reports, Cleveland Browns Coach Romeo Crennel will flip a coin to decide on his starting quarterback for tonight's pre-season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs. The bad news is that he will not be using a three-sided coin, thus Brady Quinn has no chance of winning the coin toss. The good news is that although Quinn is (at best) third on the depth chart after ending his short holdout this week, he appears to be chasing a starting job that is essentially vacant right now. With Crennel flipping a coin to decide between Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson, it seems that the Browns do not have a #1 quarterback, but instead have two #2 QBs, followed by Quinn at #3. Thus, Quinn does not have to climb from #3 to #1 to become the starter. He only has to climb from #3 to #2 to be on an even footing with Frye and Anderson. If he is able to pull even with those two players, you have to believe he'll get the nod as the starter given his status as the "franchise QB of the future" for the Browns.

So here's the question I have for you: Which quarterback will become the starter for his team first - Jimmy Clausen or Brady Quinn?

Bonus question: Which week?

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